Like something dug out of the back of John Hughes's closet, among all the back issues of Amazing Tales, Playboy, and Mad - adolescent fantasy writ large and kind of creepy. It shouldn't be forgotten, I suppose, that back before his career as a screenwriter, Hughes was a writer for National Lampoon. Weird doesn't even really begin to describe this spotty misfire.

As its Hughes-land, we're back again in the suburbs of Chicago's North Shore, circa 1985, when apparently even bullies (embodied here by Robert Rusler and Robert Downey before he added the "Jr") could wear bad Wave-head fashions to the mall. A slightly more adult Anthony Michael Hall (look how much he's grown since the previous year's Sixteen Candles!) and the nasally-voiced Ilan Mitchell-Smith play best friends Garry and Wyatt. Losers beyond compare and hopeless with girls, they come up with the idea - while staying over at Wyatt's house while his parents are out of town - of creating the perfect woman on Wyatt's computer (you can almost see their bug-eyed, leering faces in a bad Playboy cartoon, drooling over some centerfold on the monitor). A few Frankenstein clips and some extremely bad special effects later, the door to Wyatt's bedroom explodes (of course) and standing in the smoke is their perfect woman: Kelly LeBrock.

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