Next verse, same as the first.

There may be more computer-rendered effects animation in "Pokemon 3." The plot -- centered around supernatural goings-on generated by a little girl's out-of-control imagination -- may be somewhat more coherent than the last two "Pokemon" pictures. But like its predecessors, fleecing parents of their money is the singular purpose of this automated, assembly-line sequel. Making a worthwhile, entertaining children's film? Not so much.

In their usual half-assed animation style, Ash, Pikachu, et al. battle undefeatable Pokemon spawn from the lonely girl's dreams. Her father, some kind of Pokemon archeologist discovered ancient Pokemon runes etched with Pokemon hieroglyphics while on a dig. The hieroglyphics come alive and suck him into some parallel universe populated by beings called "the Unown" (that's right, "unown," not "unknown").

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