Takashi Miike's never made a straightforward film in his life, so it should come as no surprise that Visitor Q is a baffling and muddled mess intended solely to shock. Oddly, Visitor Q was made the same year is Miike's masterful Audition, but this experimental tale is quick and shallow, whereas Audition was painful in its creepiness. Visitor Q is shot on video, ostensibly by a man who is documenting his family as it falls apart: His daughter's a hooker (the father has sex with her in the opening scene), his son is beaten regularly at school, and mom's a junkie. Meanwhile, a "visitor"/angel comes along to help these poor slobs out... but you gotta wonder if they're worth saving in the first place. With that said, Visitor Q is a bizarre oddity that's hard to turn away from, a perverse thrill the likes of which can only come from Miike.

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