Iggy Pop is ''almost super-human''

The punk rock singer is still giving his all at every performance, despite being 66, and astounds even his own band, The Stooges, with his energy.

Guitarist James Williamson told FasterLouder.com.au: ''He is almost super-human. This will be about the 10th year that I've worked with him personally, on stage that is.

''I think the similarity between then and now is that he will do anything to go over with an audience, anything. He can't stand it if he's not getting to the audience. There is some power within him that draws on the energy of the audience, so if you have a better audience you get a better show.

''I don't know any human being who I've ever met who is willing to do what he does.''

Iggy and The Stooges have just released a new album, 'Ready to Die', and James - who is also joined in the band by Scott Asheton, Steve Mackay and Mike Watt - found it interesting to go back into the studio with Iggy, as he hadn't worked with him on a studio album since the 70s.

He added: ''I wasn't sure we could write anymore, you know it's been a long time. But we sat down a couple of years ago and started out playing bits and pieces. And then started saying let's try to write some new material.

''We have kind of a chemistry writing together, and we can write really quickly.

''I'll sit down and try to come up with a guitar riff that I like, and if I like it I'll try to sell it to Ig. If he likes it then he'll start putting some lyrics to it and we start going back and forth. That works very well for us.''

'Ready to Die' is out now.