Iggy Pop has blasted the state of modern rock music, blaming Smashing Pumpkins and Limp Bizkit for lowering standards.
The Lust for Life hitmaker started a backlash against the genre on his website by branding certain groups "idiot thugs with guitars making crappy music".
And the singer has now revealed during a video announcement for his new album, Preliminaires, that he was referring to Fred Durst's recently reformed group and the Smashing Pumpkins.
He says, "Anyone from Smashing Pumpkins to - what's the one with Fred Durst?... There are a million billion of them. And people
think they're gods, man."
And the star also takes a swipe at intellectual rockers, adding, "I took great pains not to think first because the thing I can't stand is a rock star who thinks he's got brains. They're always so damned dull!"