Punk rocker Iggy Pop has toned down his live shows in his old age after suffering a number of injuries while stage-diving last year (12).

The 66 year old has been known for his crazy onstage antics ever since he was a young musician, but the Lust For Life star admits he's begun taking his performances down a notch because his body doesn't move like it used to.

He tells CNN.com, "(Back then) we were cute kids and we got to play with everybody and I thought it was my job to make sure that when we played no-one forgot about us. I did that thing that little kids do when they're not getting enough attention from their parents, they just fall forward and wait for maybe somebody to catch 'em. And I would just step off the stage and inspect the audience.

"Last year I did a couple of big dives and I got a couple of stitches because I always overdo it. And at this stage I just fall in once in a while and say 'Hi'... "

And Iggy Pop, real name James Osterberg, Jr., reveals his post-concert routines have changed too, insisting he now prefers to relax at home with his wife Nina Alu and enjoy a glass of fine wine instead of partying all night.

He adds, "The hardcore stuff, it's a bit like being a prize fighter, there's a lot of nervous energy and you wake up sore."