Iggy Azalea's boyfriend doesn't like her new album.

The 23-year-old rapper penned her debut album 'The New Classic' before she struck up a relationship with basketball player Nick Young six months ago, but she admits he's not impressed with the lack of love songs on the collection.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, she said: ''Nick said to me, 'Why don't you have any love songs on your album? It's all ''I hate you'' songs.'

''He's right, all my love songs are 'f**k love' songs, but that's where my head was when I wrote the album.

''Maybe my next album will be a little sweeter.''

Despite their budding romance, Iggy - whose real name is Amethyst Kelly - insists there's no chance Nick will be joining her in the studio for a collaboration.

She explained: ''There's more chance of me playing pro-celebrity basketball than of Nick rapping or singing.

''But he is a big rap fan, so I'm trying to convince him to come to Wireless Festival [in London] with me when I play in July as it's such a good line-up.''

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty insists the direction of her next album will be determined by the success of 'The New Classic', which is out on Monday (21.04.14).

She added: ''If this album does well, my next one will be very upbeat, but if it goes badly, I might get all broody and moody.''