The Fancy hitmaker had no choice but to take over Luna Park in Sydney after promising her fiance Nick Young she'd take him to the place she used to love as a teenager and then realising it wasn't open during her trip home.

Azalea, Young and her mum Tanya Kelly were spotted enjoying the rides and attractions, and during a radio chat on Wednesday (19Aug15), the rapper said, "I love Luna Park. I would have gone regularly, I promise I would have, but I didn't realize it's not open every day, and I'd been talking about it so much to Nick. And then when I actually looked to buy tickets for my whole group I saw every day that I'm here it's not open."

And there was one ride she really wanted her fiance to experience: "I love the Joy Wheel, the little thing that spins around and you have to stay on. I’m obsessed with it still. I did that yesterday for five hours, that’s basically what I did."