Iggy Azalea ''hated'' her fiancé when they first met.

The 'Fancy' hitmaker has admitted she took an instant disliking to Los Angeles Lakers basketball player, Nick Young, when the pair first crossed paths.

She explained: ''[We'd met] a few years prior to that, and I didn't know and I hated him. I thought he was an a**hole.''

However, things heated up for the pair after a friend told the 25-year-old beauty she had been sent a flattering tweet by the sportsman.

She shared: ''I thought he was pretty handsome, so I went on a date with him.

''Then one day he got it. He was like, 'No, I remember you came to our pool party!' And I did [go] to that pool party and I wouldn't get into the swimming pool. I didn't want to get in because I thought they were all a**holes.''

And whilst Iggy admits she didn't like him and his friends at first, she insists everything has worked out for the best.

She told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I hated all of them. And now I love all of them. When I figured it out, I think I was already in love with him.

''So it worked out! Lucky I didn't remember him, because we wouldn't have got the opportunity for a second chance.''