Rapper Iggy Azalea and her basketball star boyfriend Nick Young have laughed off rumours suggesting they are the interracial couple featured in an explicit nude photo circulating online.

The pair, which recently began dating, hit headlines on Wednesday (09Apr14) amid claims Azalea was the naked blonde showing off her butt for a 'selfie' as her African-American lover, who bore a striking resemblance to the Los Angeles Lakers player, posed beside her genitals.

The image was reposted on Twitter.com by fans who were convinced it was a leaked shot of Azalea and Young getting intimate, but they have since spoken out to dismiss the claims.

Taking to his Twitter page on Thursday (10Apr14), the sportsman wrote, "Man y'all better stop playin with me on twitter... That ain't me (sic)."

And Azalea joked, "Anyway, that was cute guys. Try again soon. Better luck next time n all that (sic)".

A Twitter user named Chloe from Houston, Texas has since come forward to claim ownership of the raunchy photo and her boyfriend Shawn, the man featured in her snap, even apologised to Azalea for the confusion.

He wrote: "@IGGYAZALEA Im sorry that people assumed it was you and nick young. When it was me and Chloe (sic)."