Idris Elba slept in his car for six weeks instead of going home because there was ''bad energy'' in his house.

The 'Thor' actor used to drive his car near to his home in New York but he didn't want to get out and go upstairs to bed because he was struggling to get work at the time and he believed the property was contributing to his problems.

He said: ''I remember thinking I've gotta make something of myself here. I just parked my car near where I lived. I thought about going upstairs, but the energy was so bad, so I slept in my car.

''And I did that for six weeks. Go home, take a shower, but there was nowhere to go.''

Even during his difficult times, Idris - who is now one of Hollywood's hottest properties and has gone on to star in 'The Wire', 'Prometheus' and 'Thor' - has always had huge aims and he is keen to try his hand at directing in the future.

The 40-year-old star added to GQ magazine: ''My ambition has always been massive. I was known for hard work and I wanted to work on different things.

''I know people criticised that. 'Stay in your lane. Do what you're good at.' But I'm not satisfied with that.

''I have ambitions to produce music and films, to direct, to own a couple of restaurants. There's no rules to say I can't do that.''