Idina Menzel’s new musical, entitled If / Then will be opening at Washington’s National Theatre. Using Washington as a Broadway tryout town, the musical will be presented from November 5 to December 8, with the official opening taking place on November 24. The play is described by Washington Post as being about a woman on the brink of turning 40 (played by Menzel), who moves from New York to Denver and is an exploration of how much of our lives are determined by fate and how much by design.

The show’s producer, David Stone said “It’s about how we choose our lives and how our lives choose us. That’s an idea that’s very rich and very moving.” Not only has If / Then’s appointment in Washington reinvigorated the city’s position as a pre-Broadway testing ground, but the casting of Menzel marks a welcome return to the stage for the 41 year old actress. Menzel, who is married to her former Rent cast member Taye Diggs, has been focusing on concert tours of late, as well as starring in Glee as the mother of Rachel (Lea Michele’s character). Acccording to the Washington Post, she has performed in the three workshop productions that have taken place for If / Then and will also appear in the fourth, in April. Stone commented “she’s been involved in it for a long time.”

Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel will star in new musical If / Then

 After its run in Washington, the show is expected to open in Broadway in March 2014.