Singer/actress Idina Menzel is hoping to return to Broadway next year (14) after quietly showcasing her latest theatre role well away from the glare of critics.

The star has teamed up with her Rent director and Wicked producer to develop a new musical, titled If/Then, in Washington, D.C.

She tells Wenn, "It's kind of a love fest for me that's been several years in the making. We've been working on it for three years. It's completely original and I enjoy originating roles. I'd much rather do that than play something that's been done a million times. It's really beautiful, about a woman my age who's coming back to New York City and starting her life over.

"We have our first preview coming up and the point is to go where the New York critics are not and have some time to fail and to try things. We'll close (on) December 8th and the writers will look at what worked and what didn't work and rewrite all through the holidays and then we'll open on Broadway in March."