Rapper/actor Ice-T struggled with one recent reading assignment after learning he had signed on to a Dungeons & Dragons audio book project.

The Law & Order: Svu star admits he was not prepared for the reading and it took him days to complete what should have been a three-hour task.

He tells U.S. late night host Seth Meyers, "One day my (manager) said, 'Will you do this audio book? It'll take three hours.' I'm like, 'Yeah, cool. The money was cool, I'll show up.' I got there, but I was unaware it was a Dungeons & Dragons book.

"They don't talk normal in them books... (sic) They talk like Yoda (from Star Wars), they talk backwards. It took three hours to read 20 pages. I was sweating, I was drinking water, it took me two days to do that.

"But, a lot of the Dungeons & Dragons people embraced me on my podcast, so I got a whole new fan base, I'm going to be a dungeon master."