Rapper-turned-actor Ice-T is adding radio presenter to his resume with the upcoming launch of his own podcast.

The hip-hop veteran and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star will co-host Ice-T: Final Level with his friend and manager Mick Benzo, aka Zulu Beatz, to discuss hot topics, interview celebrity guests and take calls from listeners.

He says, "Podcasting is a great next step for me and my guy - it's an uncensored medium, and it's a direct connection with my fans.

"Mick and I can explore any topic we're interested in without restrictions, from video games to philosophy to rap and rock. And I also don't have to leave my crib (house)."

The show, created with bosses at digital audio firm The Paragon Collective, will debut on Ice-T's website and on iTunes.com on 7 January (14), with new installments released twice monthly, according to The Hollywood Reporter.