The rapper dressed in the team's silver and black colours and wore Raiders hats and other accessories as his career took off with N.w.a., but his passion for the team turned his son O'Shea Jackson, Jr. into a fan of California state rivals the San Diego Chargers.

Jackson, Jr. portrays his father in the new N.w.a. biopic Straight Outta Compton, and had to wear Raiders shirts and hats - and he's sticking with the team colours as he promotes the new movie - but he's not a fan.

His dad says, "It's my fault. It's me yelling at the Raiders so much that it turned him off, because I'm just yelling at them because I want them to be better."

But father and son found a sporting connection on the basketball court - especially when Cube coached his kid's youth team.

Junior explains, "First off, the other team's walking in, starstruck from the beginning; they can't focus and they're not listening to their coach because all they can focus on is my coach.

"And then, as far as referees, when you're not getting your fouls and you got a coach over here going to the referee, and you're kind of waiting as a kid like, 'Oh, please get on him!'"

Ice Cube adds, "These rec (recreation centre) refs, they worse than NBA (professional) refs (sic) sometimes... They're biased."