Ice Cube has defended his decision to take on police officer roles in Hollywood.

The rapper turned actor - whose 1988 track 'F**k Tha Police' with N.W.A sparked controversy on release - insists he doesn't ''have a problem'' playing an officer on the big screen since the movie industry is ''obsessed'' with cop stories.

Ice Cube - real name is O'Shea Jackson - told ''Hollywood is obsessed with police stories. If you're an actor in Hollywood and been doing it over 25 years, like myself, it's going to happen. As long as it's acting, I don't have a problem. I become a real cop, then give me a call.''

Although the 44-year-old star has played a number of on-screen law enforcers, he admitted to being ''blown away'' by the success of his latest movie 'Ride Along' - in which is plays the hot-tempered officer James Payton - when it crossed the $100 million barrier at the US Box Office.

Ice Cube said: ''At the time it had crossed that number, I kind of knew that the momentum would take it over that. We were just blown away by the first weekend, having that number. A number in the forties when predictions were high twenties for some people. That number right there is the number that really kind of had me on cloud nine the most.''