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The Boy Next Door Review


A cheesy TV movie ramped up with language and violence, this sudsy thriller is far more fun to watch than it should be. With its tepid spin on the plot of Fatal Attraction, the film strains to be a bunny-boiler, but entertains the audience because it's so preposterous that not a single moment is remotely believable. And since the cast refuses to play it straight, camping it up while smirking at the camera, it's enjoyable in all the wrong ways.

Jennifer Lopez stars as Claire, a high school teacher who has recently split from her husband Garrett (John Corbett) and is still getting used to life on her own with teen son Kevin (Ian Nelson). Then the astoundingly hunky 19-year-old Noah (played by 27-year-old Ryan Guzman) moves in next door with his invalid uncle (Jack Wallace) after his parents die in a fiery car crash. Super friendly, Noah quickly begins to help Kevin stand up to the school bullies and pursue the hot girl (Lexi Atkins). But Noah also begins to flirt relentlessly with Claire, and in a moment of neediness she gives in. While she sees this as a mildly transgressive restorative fling, Noah thinks it's true love, and pursues her tenaciously. And when Claire begins to trying to patch things up with Garrett, Noah takes Kevin out for a bit of gun practice.

Despite a tendency to drift into grisly violence, there's nothing edgy here. It's a swirling storm of innuendo and suggestion, with a strong sense of menace that never quite convinces us, even with a couple of gruesome plot points. This may be because the camera clearly loves Lopez so much that we know she's never in danger.

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The Boy Next Door Trailer

Life is complicated enough for teacher, Claire (Jennifer Lopez). Her husband, Kevin (Ian Nelson) is having an affair with his secretary and their marriage is close to falling apart entirely. With Kevin barely around, she is left struggling to do some of the work around the house and raise her son. Until the young and fit boy next door, Noah (Ryan Guzman) offers a helping hand. In a moment of weakness, Claire falls for Noah and they being their own affair. But when Claire calls it off, things get thrown way out of proportion. Noah tries to reveal the truth and has himself transferred to her class at school. While trying to tear apart her career, Noah also seems intent on killing Claire's husband. He is far for the quiet boy next door she thought. 

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Picture - Ian Nelson - Photographs of... Los Angeles California United States, Wednesday 8th October 2014

Ian Nelson - Photographs of the stars on the red carpet for the premiere of "The Best Of Me" in Los Angeles at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 8th October 2014

Picture - Ian Nelson - Photographs of... Los Angeles California United States, Wednesday 8th October 2014

Ian Nelson - Photographs of the stars on the red carpet for the premiere of "The Best Of Me" in Los Angeles at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 8th October 2014

Ian Nelson
Ian Nelson

The Best Of Me - Official UK Trailer

Dawson and Amanda are living the life of the typical movie love story - they spend their time enjoying long summer days and nights together, until events conspire to break them apart. Dawson is arrested and goes to jail, leaving Amanda to live out her life without him. After being called to the funeral of an old friend, the couple meet each other for the first time in twenty one years. The couple begin to ponder the idea of letting go and moving on from your first true love, as they are dragged together into a relationship which also pits them against the same forces that drove them apart in the first place. The romantic drama spans decades, showing that some loves can truly last a lifetime. 

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The Judge - Trailer

Hank Palmer is a ruthless but excellent lawyer, despised by many of his peers for his habit of representing often blatantly guilty criminals. One day mid-trial however, he receives a call from home informing him of his mother's recent death. Reluctantly, he ventures back to the town of Carlinville, Indiana where he grew up to convene with his family ahead of the funeral. As he expected, the greeting between himself and his father - the local Judge Joseph Palmer - is particularly frosty. As a young college graduate, Hank was desperate to leave the harsh and unfriendly grasp of his father but when the town's sheriff tells him that Joseph is now a murder suspect, he begins to feel a grudging obligation to cast their differences aside and help him protest his innocence.

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The Best Of Me Trailer

Dawson Cole is a high school student who, unlike his peers, prefers his own company rather than anybody else's. He doesn't have girlfriends, and he has very few friends altogether, but when he meets the very pretty Amanda Collier, he finds himself longing to be around her. The pair embark on a passionate, uninhibited romance, but when Amanda's wealthy father finds out about the sort of boy she's been fraternising with, he's determined to end it. Wanting what's best for Amanda despite his breaking heart, Dawson leaves town only to meet his teenage sweetheart again 20 years later. The pair find themselves falling in love all over again, only they are much older now and life is much more complicated. Has their childhood passion withstood the test of time? Or will they have to part ways for good?

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Barefoot Trailer

Jay's lived a less than honest life, sleeping around with women he could never care about, fritting away money he doesn't have in casinos and at races and drinking away his problems every night at seedy bars. However, when he meets Daisy, a mentally unstable but harmless young girl who has lived virtually her whole life indoors sheltered from the harms the real world can bring, his life begins to change and he endeavours to take her along to his wealthy parents' house on the weekend of his brother's wedding to prove to them that he can change his ways. Having never tasted a drop of alcohol in her life, kissed a boy, gone to school or owned a pair of shoes, Daisy also sees her life turn into an adventure as she seemingly becomes the only one who can change this man's stony heart and force him to love her.

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Picture - Jennifer Lopez and Ian Nelson... Hollywood California United States, Sunday 24th November 2013

Jennifer Lopez and Ian Nelson - Actress Jennifer Lopez goes through her lines before filming a scene with co star Ian Nelson on the set of "The Boy Next Door". - Hollywood, California, United States - Sunday 24th November 2013

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez and Ian Nelson
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez and Ian Nelson
Jennifer Lopez
Ian Nelson

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