After viewing the trailer for Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, you might think the film is out of place for its November release. After all, giant epics like this fuel special-effects-thirsty summer moviegoers. Fall is usually reserved for smaller, higher quality films commanding the attention of Oscar voters. 20th Century Fox had originally scheduled Master and Commander for a June release - that is, (I'm sure) until they realized what an extraordinary and award-worthy film they had.

Master and Commander is based on Patrick O'Brian's series of novels called Aubrey/Maturin about the British navy during the Napoleonic Wars. The film takes place in 1805, when the French rule the high seas. An English vessel, the HMS Surprise, roams the same oceans looking to carry out the official order of intercepting any French ship they encounter. The captain of the Surprise, Jack Aubrey (Russell Crowe), refuses to accept defeat at the hands of the French and is willing to carry out his assignment at any cost.

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