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Picture - Ian Mcneice - Celebs have... London United Kingdom, Saturday 24th May 2014

Ian McNeice - Celebs have been charging up to £20 per autograph at Londons Comic Con - London, United Kingdom - Saturday 24th May 2014

Ian Mcneice

Picture - Ian McNeice - MCM Birmingham... Birmingham United Kingdom, Saturday 16th March 2013

Ian McNeice - MCM Birmingham Memorabilia Comic Con at Birmingham NEC - Birmingham, United Kingdom - Saturday 16th March 2013

Ian McNeice

Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger! Review


After 2009's inane comedy Nativity, no one was clamouring for a sequel, but at least this one tips the scales into sublime silliness. If you can suspend your disbelief, this might even be a guilty pleasure, complete with stars behaving stupidly, adorable children and a series of hilariously corny pastiche Christmas songs.

Things continue to be rather chaotic at St Bernadette's Primary School in Coventry, mainly because the headmistress (Ferris) is still employing her idiotic nephew Mr Poppy (Wootton) as a classroom assistant. He's just scared off another applicant for the teaching job when the tenacious Mr Peterson (Tennant) arrives with his pregnant wife (Page), determined to stick it out. Somehow Poppy convinces Peterson to take the kids on an illicit cross-country journey to a Song for Christmas competition in Wales, at which the kids will face competition from school rival Mr Shakespeare (Watkins) as well as Peterson's estranged twin brother Roderick (also Tennant), a snooty composer with a professional choir.

The plot is utterly preposterous, and as the wacky events progress, writer-director Isitt never even tries to ground the movie in realism. In fact, there's a point about halfway through where it becomes pure fantasy, so complaints about believability don't really apply. The only way to survive watching it is to sit back and enjoy the inane plot and goofy slapstick. And by doing so, we're surprised that the film is actually rather enjoyably ridiculous.

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Nativity 2: Danger In The Manger Trailer

Mr. Poppy, an immature classroom assistant at a St. Bernadette's Primary School, returns with ideas for a new Christmas performance with his class following the success of their Nativity play in 2009's 'Nativity!' He wishes to organise the pupils for the National 'Song for Christmas' Competition where the prize is a massive o10,000. However, being only an assistant, he cannot enter the class until their new teacher arrives. Donald Peterson is that teacher; a restless and stressed out man who struggles to deal with the pregnancy of his wife, the pressure on him to become like his talented composer twin brother and, of course, the unruly Class 7. Mr. Poppy wastes no time in getting Donald to agree to get the competition performance underway but the new teacher soon finds himself out of his depth and struggling to control the behaviour of his teaching assistant who insists on using a real baby and a donkey in the show. However, when Donald discovers that his perfect, daddy's boy brother is also competing alongside the upperclass choir of St Cuthbert's College, he finds himself determined to put on a world-class performance.

'Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger' is the most perfect sequel to its 2009 predecessor. It sees the return of Debbie Isitt as writer and director and most of your favourite characters and is set to be released well in time for the festive season on November 23rd 2012. 

Director: Debbie Isitt

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Picture - Ian McNeice , Tuesday 13th November 2012

Ian McNeice Tuesday 13th November 2012 Nativity 2 World Premiere held at the Empire, Leicester Square - Arrivals.

Ian McNeice
Ian McNeice
Ian McNeice
Ian Mcneice

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