Sir Ian McKellen finds it ''very difficult to resist'' bacon and pork pies, despite being vegetarian.

The 75-year-old actor is pleased he gave up eating meat 30 years ago because he discovered it was the reason he was getting constant headaches, but the 'Hobbit' actor cannot always deny himself the opportunity to chow down on a delicious pork-based product now and again.

He said: ''As a declared vegetarian, I make a very good Quorn shepherd's pie. I stopped eating meat about 30 years ago and the headaches that I'd had since childhood vanished overnight.

''My indigestion got better, too. Though I find bacon and pork pies very difficult to resist.''

As well as a lack of meat in the star's life, he is also not too bothered about drinking alcohol and hot caffeine-filled beverages which comes from his younger years as he didn't even try a cup of tea until he turned 18 years old.

He added to Esquire's Big Black Book magazine: ''I grew up in a teetotal house. I never drank tea, coffee or alcohol until I was 18, and I can do without them easily.

''That sounds like I'm really in charge of my life. I'm not at all.''