Singer Ian Hunter once feared he would be shot by Elvis Presley after sneaking into his idol's Graceland home in Memphis, Tennessee while drunk.
The Mott The Hoople frontman gained entry into the King's property in the hope of meeting the superstar after flying all the way over from Britain.
But Hunter quickly fled the scene after being warned about Presley's bad temper and penchant to shoot things when he was angry.
He recalls, "I burst into Graceland through the back door. I walked into a room... knocked on a door and it was answered by Alberta, Elvis' maid. I told her I'd come all the way from Britain to see my hero but she said Elvis was in a bad mood.
"He'd just come back from a movie theatre and hated the film. She warned me that he would bounce me off the walls - or worse. She said the last time he'd hated a movie, he'd grabbed a gun and put a bullet through the TV set. I was half-cut (drunk) but sobered up quickly. I was glad to get out of Graceland."