Allegory? For sure. But there really is a meteor that belongs to Pete (Mike Myers in maybe his sole attempt at a dramatic role) in Pete's Meteor. That meteor in fact drives the bulk of the film's plot, an otherwise thin excuse for a story.

When the titular meteor (though it's the size of a footlocker it only leaves a 15-foot crate) lands in the backyard of a 12-year-old Irish laddie named Mickey, he presumes it was sent from heaven by his dead parents. Well, why not? Among his crazy grandmother (Brenda Fricker playing that matronly character once again), his unofficial godfather/drug addict/mob man pal Pete (Myers), and the wealthy scientist (Alfred Molina) who is given custody of the meteor by the government, Mickey's got a pretty messed up family life already. Parents speaking to him from beyond the grave sounds almost normal.

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