Throughout the first season of AMC series 'Preacher' - based on the comic books by writer and creator Garth Ennis of the same name - viewers got to know the titular religious figure Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) and his on-off partner Tulip O'Hare (Ruth Negga), as well as modern vampire Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) and an array of unique characters, scattered throughout a fictional Texas hometown.

Ian Colletti is unrecognisable out of his Arseface makeupIan Colletti is unrecognisable out of his Arseface makeup

One of the most popular characters seen in season 1 was a youngster called Eugene Root , otherwise known as Arseface (Ian Colletti), thanks to an incident with a shotgun that resulted in a major face disfigurement. Unfortunately for Arseface, he was sent to hell by Custer before the preacher had fully realised the extent of his god-like powers.

"Hell's a pretty scary place filled with some scary characters," the actor who plays Arseface explained in a chat with EW. "I think Eugene - a pretty good and innocent person - is going to have to adapt to survive. In the first season, Eugene would come to Jesse with these feelings, and Jesse would often walk away, but in the second season, I think we'll see more of a focus on Eugene himself, as he comes to grips with his own demons and realises who he is."

Hearing that the character will be back for the second season should certainly ease some tensions in the fan base, with many under the impression that we wouldn't see him again thanks to Custer's carelessness. Now that we know he'll be making a comeback, it's going to be very interesting to see where his storyline goes next.

Will he be able to forgive Custer for sending him to one of the scariest places somebody could ever go, or will he be looking for revenge? We know Arseface has a personality that can flip on a dime, but with the promise earlier this year from those working on the show that some very strange personalities will be introduced in the show's second season, there could be bigger fish for the preacher to fry...

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'Preacher' season 2 kicks off this Sunday, June 25 on AMC in the US and continues on Amazon Prime Video on Mondays in the UK.