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Pacific Rim Now Out In Cinemas, But What Other Films Have Been Released Today?

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Friday 12th July has been quite the launchpad for a host of new and exciting films, showcasing the genre spectrum. From action blockbusters to indies, political thrillers to kids animation films, there'll be something to suit all tastes and ages as the summer of film gets hotter.

Well, we'll start off with Trap For Cinderella first because it's the underdog erotic thriller indie with an interesting premise. The Iain Softley film will star young, up-and-coming British actresses Tuppence Middleton and Alexandra Roach as vivacious Micky and shy Do: two girls who are reunited after years apart and reignite a secret passion despite the disapproval they are faced with.

Trap for Cinderella
Tuppence Middleton & Alexandra Roach In Trap For Cinderella.

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Trap for Cinderella Review

Stylish and moody, this twisty dramatic thriller gets under our skin with its mysterious tone and darkly insinuating performances. But the script is badly underwritten, never quite connecting the dots between what happens on screen. Several of the events are frankly unbelievable, which is made more frustrating by characters who continually do things that don't make logical sense. So we end up struggling to see the point of it all.

Everything happens in the wake of a massive explosion at a holiday house in the south of France. Micky (Middleton) wakes up with amnesia, having had her face rebuilt by surgeons. But her childhood best pal Domenica (Roach in flashbacks) died in the fire, leaving a huge hole in her life. Her guardian (Kerry Fox) tries to help her return to her daily routine, but she's obsessed with piecing together the nagging puzzle about what happened. And she doesn't really want to be the person she apparently was before the accident. Her old boyfriend Jake (Bernard) is some help, but the more she learns about her former life, the more she wonders who she really is.

The insinuation from the very start is that Micky and Do may have swapped identities in the accident, which seems rather ridiculous since they aren't the same height. Reconstructive surgery can't overcome that, and their different coloured hair would become obvious pretty quickly. So every time writer-director Softley tries to drop a hint or throw us off the trail, we feel like we're being had. At least he maintains a terrific sense of film noir creepiness, with lush visuals and scenes that draw us in to make us wonder what will happen next. And there is the tantalising possibility that the swap is psychological.

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'Trap For Cinderella' Trailer: Erotic Drama Meets Psychological Thriller [Trailer]

Tuppence Middleton Alexandra Roach Iain Softley

A popular children's fairytale may inspire the title forTrap For Cinderella, but the new trailer for upcoming British thriller shows that it's not one for the kids.

Adapted from a French novel of the same name, written by Sébastien Japrisot, the film is directed by Iain Softley; a British director who made his name in television drama then went on to direct thriller The Skeleton Key(2005) and family fantasyInkheart(2008).

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Trap For Cinderella Trailer

Micky is an avid photographer enjoying her nightly social revelry in London until she bumps into an old friend from her childhood. Do is almost the opposite of Micky; she is quiet and reserved, but the pair immediately click as if no time had passed since they last saw each other. A passion that has long laid dormant is re-ignited between them despite the disapproval of those around them but little do they know that their star-crossed relationship is set to end in tragedy when they escape to the French villa where they had spent their summers together as kids. A fire breaks out causing the death of Do and some severe burns and amnesia for Micky. While she struggles to recall memories from her life, she is forced to re-learn her relationships with friends, family and former lovers while trying to make sense of who she is at the same time, with only the word of the people around her to guide her. 

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Picture - Sienna Guillory and Iain Softley New York City, USA, Thursday 15th January 2009

Sienna Guillory and Iain Softley - Sienna Guillory and Iain Softley New York City, USA - New York Premiere of 'Inkheart' at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square - Arrivals Thursday 15th January 2009

Sienna Guillory and Iain Softley



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