Review of I Was A King's self-titled album released through Hype City Recordings.

They've got a fuzz box and they're gonna use it. Not only that but also a whole mountain of distortion, quite a healthy dose of reverb and some seriously feral feedback. And there's more.... Not content with a sound all of their own they have cunningly cajoled collaborations from a very select, aspirational and contemporary troupe of musicians. The 'they' in question are Norway's finest musical export of the moment 'I Was A King'. (We've yet to see whether this might about to be surpassed in May as Norway is hosting the Eurovision Song Contest then).

Hailing from Egersund, but at home in Oslo, 'I Was a King' combine an almost unhealthy passion and preoccupation for all things Teenage Fanclub together with a mixture of guitar and drum driven, dirty, and at times venomous, curiosities. Their eponymous album is the follow up to their glowingly received debut 'Losing Something Good For Something Better'. It's not exactly new, having already been released in America in the summer of 2009, and having been toured in the U.S. and Europe. A long time in coming then but here at last.

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