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Rockers Hypocrisy Cancel Australian Tour


Swedish rockers Hypocrisy have pulled their debut Australian tour after a promoter allegedly failed to organise work visas and flights.

The band was set to kick off a jaunt in Brisbane on 16 January (13), with subsequent dates in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney.

However, the shows have been scrapped and Hypocrisy have laid the blame with tour organisers, claiming they failed to stick to a deadline to complete relevant paperwork.

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Madonna: Guns Are Metaphorical

Madonna Hypocrisy Journey Mirrors The Answer The Enemy

Madonna insists she doesn't condone gun use.

The 'Girls Gone Wild' singer's controversial stage show on her 'MDNA' tour sees her and backing dancers pose and pretend to shoot replica weapons, but she insists it is a metaphorical representation of ''the Journey of a soul from darkness to light.''

In a video titled 'The MDNA Tour - In Madonna's Words' the singer says: ''It's true there is a lot of violence in the beginning of the show and sometimes the use of fake guns - but they are used as metaphors.

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Adam Levine Explains Celebrity Perfume Turn-around

Adam Levine Christina Aguilera Hypocrisy Maroon 5

Adam Levine ''hates'' celebrity fragrances, despite releasing one himself.

The 'Moves Like Jagger' singer took aim at perfumes designed by the stars in March 2011, when he tweeted: ''I also would like to put an official ban on celebrity fragrances. Punishable by death from this point forward.''

But after announcing plans for his own scent, fellow 'Voice' mentor Christina Aguilera wasted no-time pointing out the Hypocrisy, tweeting: ''Haha @AdamLevine. What a difference a year makes ... Welcome to the celebrity fragrance family!''

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Leona Lewis' Valentine's Plea Against Animal Testing

Leona Lewis Hypocrisy Judi Dench Melanie C Ricky Gervais Roger Moore

Leona Lewis has issued a personal plea to help end the suffering of animals used in cosmetics testing.

The 'Hurt' hitmaker has sent a Valentine's card and letter to John Dalli, the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, to encourage him to support Humane Society International's CrueltyFree2013 campaign against animal testing.

She wrote: "Like most girls, I love make-up, but my ethical principles are also very important to me. No new lipstick, eye-liner or other cosmetics ingredient can ever be worth the suffering and death of defenceless animals forced to endure painful toxicity tests.

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Streaming Pirate Movies May Become A Felony

The National Example Hypocrisy Larry Flynt

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday approved The Commercial Felony Streaming Act that would make streaming copyrighted material online a felony. In effect, the bill provides the same penalty for streaming as current law already does for illegal downloading. Presently, streaming is considered "public performance" under the law and is punishable only as a misdemeanor. In a statement, John Fithian, president and CEO of The National Association of theater Owners, said, "It is high time that the punishment fit the crime. Illegal streaming of stolen content is growing and poses a threat to the profitability of movie theaters and to the jobs of our 160,000 employees in the U.S." The law must still be voted on by the full Senate and be approved by the House and the President before becoming law, a lengthy process. And, even then, many question its potential effectiveness since most pirate websites operate outside the United States.

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Hustler's Larry Flynt Offers Weiner A Job

Hustler Example Hypocrisy Larry Flynt

While many political commentators have maintained that Anthony Weiner's career as a public figure is over following his resignation as a New York Congressman on Wednesday, the gossip website TMZ reported on Thursday that he is not likely to remain jobless for long -- if he accepts a deal offered to him by Hustler publisher Larry Flynt. Flynt, who, during the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton, offered $1 million for evidence of similar sexual activity by Republican lawmakers (the offer reportedly led to the resignation of Congressman Bob Livingston, tapped to become Speaker of the House), wrote in his letter to Weiner "As a Congressman, you are known for your intensity and perseverance. I believe that this attitude ... will make you a valuable asset to this corporation." Flynt spelled out his offer 20 percent above Weiner's Congressional pay; equal medical benefits; payment for relocation to Beverly Hills. Flynt concluded, "While this employment opportunity is being offered in large part due to your qualifications and clear passion for making a change, I feel that your unfortunate resignation is a prime Example of unfounded political pressure and the Hypocrisy that has invaded democracy in Washington D.C."

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