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Hyde & Beast - Keep Moving

'Keep Moving' is the title track from Hyde & Beast's upcoming new album, due for release on July 28th 2014.

Hyde & Beast - You Will Be Lonely

Hyde & Beast's new single, You Will Be Lonely, was released on November 14th 2011 through Tail Feather Records. It is the second single to be taken from their debut album, Slow Down, which was released in August 2011 and follows on from lead single Never Back Down, which was also released in August 2011.

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Hyde & Beast, Slow Down Album Review

In the course of popular musical history there have been many bands that have used the two drummer format to enhance their sound. Adam And The Ants, The Glitter Band and The Fall have all found worth in a multiple percussive presence. Some drummers have found the need to up sticks and step up to the plate as the frontman/woman to fulfil their ultimate musical destiny. Phil Collins, Frankie Rose and Dave Grohl have all realised more musical 'success' after venturing forward to take up the mic. Some drummers are just famous, or at least renowned, for their drumming! Keith Moon, Neil Peart and Cozy Powell to name but a mere few have all been revered as outstanding drummers of their time. Has there ever before though been a memorable band formed of two drummers from two separate, moderately successful, bands that have met and formed an entirely new band? (Answers on a postcard please)

Hyde & Beast are such a band, 'Slow Down' is the album and the resultant 11 tracks probably go some way to answer the question as to why those band names don't exactly fall out of your mouth with ease. It's also probably not done because generally if you floated the notion you'd get a less than warm response because you couldn't imagine it being a very fruitful partnership. Having saved us the issue of using our imagination Slow Down actually gives us all the chance to hear if there is any mileage to be had from two beat boys banging out some collaborative tunes.

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Hyde & Beast - Never Come Back

Hyde & Beast release their debut single, 'Never Come Back', on their own label, 'Tail Feather Records' on August 8th 2011. The single is taken from their debut album, 'Slow Down', which will be released on August 15th.

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Hyde & Beast

Hyde & Beast Quick Links

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