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Ralph Steadman is a widely known cartoonist broadly considered one of the most fundamental artists of contemporary culture with his often horrific drawings that never once reflected his warm personality. He has had his intriguing, maniacal works feature in various medias from newspapers to books, the most well-known of which was 1971's 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'; a novel by his American friend Hunter S. Thompson. Thompson was a journalist who often worked alongside Steadman and making famous after coining the term 'Gonzo journalism' - a form of first person writing that was particularly personal. Steadman now takes us on a journey of the last 15 years, looking back over his drawing style and what influenced him to create his unique paintings.

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For No Good Reason - Clip

Often considered as one of the most important artists of contemporary culture, Ralph Steadman is a well-known cartoonist whose usually satirical works were featured everywhere from newspapers and magazines to original and re-prints of books. During this time he frequently worked alongside his overseas pal Hunter S. Thompson, a journalist famous for coining the term 'Gonzo' journalism; a type of writing that is especially inclusive of the writer and usually written in first person. Steadman is now the only living co-creator of the writing style and takes us on a journey over the past fifteen years showing us his artwork development and the central themes that inspired his drawing process while giving us insight into his life, his troubles and his various friendships over the years.

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Lil Wayne Debuts Fear And Loathing Tribute 'No Worries' Video

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Lil Wayne debuted the video for 'No Worries' this week, featuring a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas style narrative that sees Weezy and his producer pal Detail taking a surreal trip through Sin City, mirroring the famous journey taken by Raoul Duke and Dr Gonzo.

However, whereas Hunter S Thompson's depicted the darkest depths of the American Dream, Lil Wayne just has plenty of fun. Which is fine. "That was my main thing," Wayne told MTV News following the premiere on MTV First, "I told all my friends, I told everybody 'We don't have no script, this video [we] don't have a time to be there, we're just going to shoot and have fun,' and that's what we did." The rapper says he hopes fans of Thompson's classic gonzo novel will appreciate his tribute (we're not sure Terry Gilliam will), saying, "Well, we did [the] 'Lollipop' [video] in Vegas, and we did that for the simple reason where I think at that time I had never shot a video in Vegas.We did this video in Vegas because the treatment played off the movie 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.' We didn't really follow any script or anything; I just saw the movie, really enjoyed the movie, and I told [director] Colin [Tilley] I was interested in the movie and he wrote a spoof to it, and we shot it."

Watch Lil Wayne's video for No Worries below. Are you feeling Weezy's Hunter S Thompson homage?

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