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Raising The Bar To End Parkinson's

Hunter Parrish and Kathryn Wahl - A variety of stars were snapped as they arrived at the Raising The Bar To End Parkinsons Event which was held at Public School 818 in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 7th March 2015

Hunter Parrish and Kathryn Wahl
Hunter Parrish and Kathryn Wahl
Hunter Parrish and Kathryn Wahl
Hunter Parrish and Kathryn Wahl
Hunter Parrish and Kathryn Wahl

30th Artios Awards

Hunter Parrish - 30th Artios Awards presented by Casting Society of America at Beverly Hilton Hotel - Beverly Hills, California, United States - Friday 23rd January 2015

Still Alice Review


For a film about early onset Alzheimer's, this is a remarkably wry, honest and even hopeful drama, anchored by another staggeringly sensitive performance by Julianne Moore. Writing-directing team Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland are known for their observant depictions of human interaction (see Quincea├▒era), and they fill the screen with sharp dialogue and earthy emotions that make this much more than another movie about a disease. Instead, it's about how people can transcend what life throws at them, even if it knocks them down.

Moore stars as Alice, a New York linguistics professor who has just turned 50 when she starts noticing that she's forgetting words and getting lost. Her doctor gives her the tough diagnosis, and she uses her dry wit and sharp intellect to face the future with her steady husband John (Alec Baldwin) and their three grown children: married and pregnant Anna (Kate Bosworth), aspiring actress Lydia (Kristen Stewart) and free-spirit Tom (Hunter Parrish). The hardest thing to learn is that the disease is familial, and that she has passed it to at least one of her children. So while she can, Alice makes a contingency plan for the future as she watches her family members each react in a different way.

No, this isn't a light and breezy movie. But the filmmakers balance the moments of gut-wrenching emotion with smart humour ("Sorry, I forgot - I have Alzheimer's!") and bracing honesty ("I wish I had cancer!"). Moore is uncannily raw in the role, subtly revealing Alice's transformation in ways we barely notice until we're reminded what she used to be like. Even more powerful is her own awareness of what's happening. Opposite her, Baldwin has terrific camaraderie and an unexpected warmth, while both Bosworth and Stewart get a chance to dig much deeper as actors than they usually do. And what makes the film special is the way Alice's interaction with each character is uniquely individualistic.

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Still Alice Filmset

Hunter Parrish - Filming on location of movie drama 'Still Alice' about a psychology professor discovers she's suffering from an early onset of Alzheimer's disease - New York City, New York, United States - Wednesday 5th March 2014

Hunter Parrish

Alternative 'Hunger Games' Cast: How 'Catching Fire' Could Have Looked

Jennifer Lawrence Josh Hutcherson Liam Hemsworth Lyndsy Fonseca Hunter Parrish

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is beginning to open in cinemas worldwide after months of fevered anticipation. As we gear up to watch Katniss Everdeen and the people of Panem launch an uprising against the tyrannical powers of The Capitol, let's take a trip to an alternate dimension and see which other actors could have led the movie, had Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth not snagged the roles.

Katniss Peeta Hunger Games Catching Fire
It's Hard To Imagine 'The Hunger Games' Starring Anyone Else.

We know it's hard to imagine anyone else in the three main Hunger Games roles but indulge us if you will whilst we present a glimpse into an alternative cast comprised of actors who reportedly auditioned for the roles.

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Picture - Hunter Parrish , Sunday 29th July 2012

Hunter Parrish and Beverly Hilton Hotel Sunday 29th July 2012 CBS Showtime's CW Summer 2012 Press Tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel - Arrivals

Hunter Parrish and Beverly Hilton Hotel

Picture - Hunter Parrish, Justin Kirk , Sunday 29th July 2012

Hunter Parrish, Justin Kirk and Beverly Hilton Hotel - Hunter Parrish, Justin Kirk Sunday 29th July 2012 CBS Showtime's CW Summer 2012 Press Tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel - Arrivals

It's Complicated Review

There's something enjoyable about silly romantic comedies that centre on middle-aged people for a change, especially when the characters are as well-cast as these. And even if the film is both over-long and rather pointless.

Jane (Streep) has been divorced from Jake (Baldwin) for 10 years and is starting to relax around him again, despite some bitterness toward his new, younger wife (Bell). So when Jane and Jake start having an affair, it's almost like revenge. But it also jeopardises Jane's tentative courtship with her shy architect Adam (Martin). And Jane knows there'd be even bigger problems if her three adult kids (Fitzgerald, Kazan and Parrish) found out what she was up to.

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Sleepover Review


The 'tweenybopper moviegoer is unlikely to be savvy to the rote, one-dimensional nature of clich├ęs like catty in-crowd queen bees, cardboard cut-out dream boys admired from a distance, and underdog cliques of pretty, outcast Everygirls -- but that's no excuse for building a whole picture around such threadbare characters and the inevitable plots that go with them.

Yet that's exactly what happens in "Sleepover," the latest example of how Hollywood can strip a halfway decent idea of any originality by saddling it with tedious stereotypes and the false hope of easy, prepackaged solutions for young girls' adolescent problems.

It's a comedy in which four "average" junior high girls (Alexa Vega, Mika Boorem, Scout Taylor-Compton and Kallie Flynn Childress), typically nervous about being accepted, are challenged by four shallow, cruel, fashionista cheerleader types (Sara Paxton and three indistinguishable minions) to a one-night, sneak-out-of-the-house scavenger hunt. The winners get to eat lunch at the "cool" table when they go on to high school next year.

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Hunter Parrish

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