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Lollobrigida To Wed In Rome Next Year

21st November 2006

LATEST: Italian actress GINA LOLLOBRIGIDA will marry a man 34 years her junior in Rome in January (07). The 79-year-old star, who was hailed as the most beautiful woman in the world in her youth,...

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Author Hayes Dies

25th September 2006

Acclaimed author JOSEPH HAYES has died of complications related to Alzheimer's disease. He was 88. The DESPERATE HOURS writer, who transformed the 1954 novel into a Tony Award winning play and Hollywood movie, passed away...

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Bogart Honoured By New York City

27th June 2006

HUMPHREY BOGART has been immortalised in stone in New York City after the stretch of street outside his childhood home was renamed in his honour at the weekend (24-25JUN06). A section of pavement outside 245...

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Director Sherman Dies

20th June 2006

Hollywood movie-maker VINCENT SHERMAN died on Sunday night (18JUN06) of natural causes - just one month ahead of his 100th birthday. The acclaimed director dominated cinema in the 1940s and 1950s before being ostracised for...

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Madsen Slams 'Homogenous' Hollywood

9th June 2006

MICHAEL MADSEN has hit out at contemporary Hollywood film-making, insisting movies have become dull and mindless. The KILL BILL star is sick of the formulaic plots he sees at cinemas and is calling for a...

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Dancy Brands Mcconaughey 'Glib'

20th April 2006

HUGH DANCY has labelled rival screen heart-throb MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY "glib" - insisting he lacks the passion of previous movie idols. The SHOOTING DOGS star has no time for frothy romantic comedies, and even less patience...

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Thornton And Bates In Candid Oscars Chat

18th April 2006

BILLY BOB THORNTON realised a career-long dream recently when he interviewed pal KATHY BATES for OPRAH WINFREY's TV show. The two Oscar winners got together in the library at Bates' Hollywood home to chat about...

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Casablanca Tops Screenplay List

7th April 2006

CASABLANCA has topped a new list of the best screenplays ever written. The classic HUMPHREY BOGART movie beat THE GODFATHER and CHINATOWN to the top spot in the new Writer's Guild of America 101 Greatest...

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Ferrell's Old School Boozer Celebrated In Drinking Poll

21st February 2006

WILL FERRELL's party-loving OLD SCHOOL character FRANK 'THE TANK' RICARD has topped a quirky new list of The Greatest Movie Drinkers. Ferrell's character beat DUDLEY MOORE's ARTHUR, JACKIE CHAN's WONG FEI-HUNG and INDIANA JONES'...

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Schwimmer To Light Up Broadway

8th December 2005

FRIENDS star DAVID SCHWIMMER will make his Broadway, New York City, debut in a stage adaptation of HERMAN WOUK's best-selling novel THE CAINE MUTINY COURT-MARTIAL. The American actor, who appeared in NEIL LaBUTES' play...

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Spartacus Star Stone Dies At 92

21st November 2005

Movie veteran HAROLD STONE has died of natural causes in a Woodlands Hills, California hospital. He was 92. The actor is most famous for starring roles in ALFRED HITCHCOCK's THE WRONG MAN and biblical...

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The Beatles Are Icons Of The Century

15th October 2005

THE BEATLES have topped a poll as the greatest entertainment icons of the past 100 years. The ever-popular Fab Four beat off competition from ELVIS PRESLEY, screen goddess MARILYN MONROE and jazz hero LOUIS...

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Bogart's Mistress Stays Put In New Orleans

1st September 2005

Silver screen legend HUMPHREY BOGART's 87-year-old former mistress has refused evacuation from her New Orleans home and has vowed to stand up to the devastating effects of hurricane Katrina. VERITA THOMPSON, Bogart's lover for...

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Brando's Corleone Tops Greatest Movie Character List

8th August 2005

MARLON BRANDO's turn as VITO CORLEONE in FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA's classic THE GODFATHER has been named the greatest movie character of all time. Brando, who won an Oscar for his performance as the mafia...

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Caine Refuses To Disrobe For Movies

7th August 2005

SIR MICHAEL CAINE refuses to appear completely naked on film, as he's terrified of the sight of his naked body on the big screen. The 72-year-old BATMAN BEGINS actor used to cite HUMPHREY BOGART...

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Caine: 'Bogart's My Mentor'

2nd August 2005

SIR MICHAEL CAINE is so in awe of acting great HUMPHREY BOGART, he uses the late movie legend's guidance when choosing movie roles. The British Oscar winner, 72, asks himself 'would Bogart do it?'...

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Classic Gone With The Wind Line Tops Movie Quotes Poll

22nd June 2005

RHETT BUTLER's GONE WITH THE WIND line "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" has topped an in depth new poll to find America's best-loved movie quote. The words, uttered by CLARK GABLE...

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Secret Military Files Show Mcqueen Was Locked Up

10th June 2005

Movie icon STEVE McQUEEN spent 30 days behind bars while serving his military service in the late 1940s, according to new celebrity files released by the US military. The actor, who played the COOLER...

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Bacall Blames Father For Failed Sinatra Relationship

10th April 2005

Screen veteran LAUREN BACALL blames her father's abandonment for her failed relationship to singing legend FRANK SINATRA. Bacall announced her engagement to the MY WAY star in 1957 - shortly after the death...

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Bacall Attacks Today's Actresses

5th April 2005

Screen veteran LAUREN BACALL has launched another attack on today's actresses - accusing them of being skinny, talentless and money-obsessed women who sacrifice everything for fame. The 80-year-old BIRTH star insists she's glad she...

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Ryan And Crystal Top On-screen Lovers Poll

20th March 2005

WHEN HARRY MET SALLY stars MEG RYAN and BILLY CRYSTAL have been voted the greatest on-screen couple of all time in a new poll. The sizzling chemistry between the pair in the 1989 romantic...

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Tommy Lee Jones Takes On Casablanca

21st February 2005

MEN IN BLACK star TOMMY LEE JONES is set to take on HUMPHREY BOGART's role in a special reading of 1942 film classic CASABLANCA. Jones will read the part of RICK BLAINE on 3...

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Stallone Offers Rocky Vi Teaser In New Magazine

10th February 2005

SYLVESTER STALLONE is using his new health, fitness and lifestyle magazine SLY to pump up support for a sixth ROCKY movie. The movie star has been trying to get the project, in which he'll...

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Casablanca To Hit Los Angeles Stage

11th January 2005

Hollywood stars ANNETTE BENING, HARRISON FORD and JACK NICHOLSON are being lined up for lead roles in a stage adaptation of classic movie CASABLANCA. Writer DAVID RAMBO has adapted the original 1942 screenplay for...

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The Office's Casablanca Inspiration

17th November 2004

British comedian RICKY GERVAIS has revealed the unlikely inspiration behind his hit TV show THE OFFICE - movie classic CASABLANCA. Gervais confesses he stole the love triangle between HUMPHREY BOGART, INGRID BERGMAN and her...

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Bacall Couldn't Prove Bogart Was Dead

5th November 2004

LAUREN BACALL was banned from marrying second husband JASON ROBARDS in Austria 1960, because she didn't have a death certificate for her first husband HUMPHREY BOGART. Bacall tried to marry Robards in Vienna, just...

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When Harry Met Sally: Full Of Sexual Chemistry

14th October 2004

WHEN HARRY MET SALLY couple MEG RYAN and BILLY CRYSTAL score ten out of ten for sexual chemistry in a study by scientists researching onscreen romances. The experts from top British university King's College,...

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Bacall Dismisses Kidman's 'Legend' Tag

8th September 2004

Screen veteran LAUREN BACALL has balked at suggestions NICOLE KIDMAN is an acting "legend" - preferring instead to dub the Australian beauty a "beginner". During an interview on British TV show GMTV this morning...

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Bacall Adds To Her Autobiography

3rd August 2004

Hollywood legend LAUREN BACALL is updating her autobiography to mark her 80th birthday - 25 years after it was originally released. The 79-year-old star of THE BIG SLEEP is writing a new edition...

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Gibson And Glover Named Best Crime Partnership

18th July 2004

Hollywood actors MEL GIBSON and DANNY GLOVER's partnership in the LETHAL WEAPON series has been crowned the best crime fighting duo in movie history. The maverick flair of Gibson's wayward LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT...

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