Hulk Hogan, the legendary American wrestler, features in a sex-tape currently being shopped around the major porn studios. According to - who has seen the footage - Hulk is taped with a brunette woman who is neither his ex-wife Linda or current wife Jennifer McDaniel.
In the clip, Hulk tears of his shirt - which he was famous for doing as a wrestler - and boasts "I started to work out again". He then, "runs his hands through his blonde hair like he always does". It's unclear when the tape was shot, but Vivid Entertainment head honcho Steve Hirsch says he was approached with the footage very recently by a "third party". So far, there's no word on whether Hirsch is planning to make an offer for the tape, or whether other companies are interested. Vivid became the first studio to introduce celebrity sex tapes to the mass market, and their products include - 'Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee: Hardcore & Uncensored', 'Janine & Vince Neil: Hardcore and Uncensored' and 'Kim Kardashian Superstar'.