Hulk Hogan has spoken to about the release of his sex tape. Hogan - who is now married to Jennifer McDaniel - is angry about the release of the tape, which has come five years after it was actually filmed and he insists that he does not know the identity of the woman involved.
The tape, which is thought to have been filmed between the time that his marriage to Linda Hogan ended and the time that he started dating Jennifer, features Hulk engaging in sexual activity with a brunette. He claims that the tape was filmed without his consent. Calling into the show, Hogan decides to put the record straight and does so by starting out "let's get one thing straight, guys; there were several brunettes." He adds "I had about four and a half months where I really went crazy. I was out of my mind for a while." Hogan questions why somebody would wait five years to release the tape: "I don't know why somebody would do this, number one," he says "and why wait five years?" When asked if any of the details recounted to him rung any bells, with regards to the identity of the woman in the tape, Hulk says "I'm not trying to be a smart alec, I'm terrible at remembering names. that's why I call everyone brother. I couldn't remember her name if I wanted to."