They may have settled their legal troubles, but that doesn't mean that Hulk Hogan and radio DJ Bubba the Love Sponge will be rekindling their friendship anytime soon as the Hulkster let it be known that the two "are NOT friends and never will be friends."

Writing on his Twitter page, Hogan announced that after the sex tape debacle and Bubba's later comments the best thing to do would be to walk away from the friendship altogether. 

The wrestling great was about to take Bubba to court last month (Oct. 15) for invasion of privacy after CCTV style footage of Hulk doing the dirty with Bubba's ex-wife, Heather Clem, surfaced on Gawker. The case was settled on Monday (Oct. 29), after which Bubba released a statement telling in which he acknowledged the fact that Hulk had nothing to do with the recording and that he would help Hulk in the case.

"I am convinced he had no knowledge that he was being taped. Additionally, I am certain that he had no role in the release of the video," the statement read - albeit in a tone that sounded as though his words were forced and not exactly genune. Anyway, whether it was down to Bubba's tone when he delivered the statement or the fact that Hulk just plain doesn't want to be friends with Bubba anymore, he thought it best to reiterate the fact that he doesn't hang out with Bubba anymore.

Hulk is still pursuing separate lawsuits against Clem, which is expected to be settled soon, and Gawker, who are claiming that Hulk has no valid claim to make against them.