Hulk Hogan has called in the FBI to investigate who leaked his sex tape.

The 'TNA IMPACT Wrestling' star is devastated that X-rated footage of him and Heather Clem - the estranged wife of his best friend Bubba the Love Sponge - surfaced online recently.

The 59-year-old's lawyer told US gossip website TMZ he is determined to uncover the truth and the wrestler is meeting with the FBI tomorrow morning (15.10.12) because police in Florida are unable to move the case forward.

Hulk was unable to file a normal police report because the footage was leaked outside the state making it a federal issue and the tape was also recorded in 2006 and a four year time limit to legally pursue the case in Florida has expired.

It had recently been claimed an unpaid former Sirius XM Radio staff member working with the grappler's close pal Bubba was responsible for the release of the tape.

Hulk recently admitted the publication of the intimate footage is the ''worst thing'' that's ever happened to him.

When asked if he will press charges, The Hulkster replied: ''Oh yeah, oh yes sir. I've got to find out who did this to me. I've been rocked pretty hard before but this is ... I could see why someone would not want to face this and jump off the Empire State Building. I could see how this could do something really horrible to someone's life beyond repair.

''I have braced my family, there could be another one. I have no idea. I've never made a tape. I swear to god I wasn't in on this.''