Hulk Hogan burns hand and Tweets picture. Wrestling God Hulk 'the Hulkster' Hogan came away from his latest encounter, this time a radiator in his home in Tampa, Florida, battered but not beaten, following an explosion at his house cause by the faulty heating device. The accident was caused by a faulty pipe it is presumed, but we reckon Hulk just punched it.

To show off his latest victory, Hollywood Hogan took a few 'hand-selfies,'offering plenty of squeamish snaps of the burnt hand for his legions of Twitter followers. He spent the rest of the night taking photos of his hand actually, on his way to the hospital and before, after and even during his surgery to remove the burnt skin. Some people didn't like it, but others saw funny side with some of the captions, even if it did go on for a while.

The wrestler posted "Just had a radiator explode on my hand, OUCH" along with the first photo, followed shortly after by "Double Ouch" and "Triple Ouch," but decided to take a trip to the ER before sending any more pictures to his fans, Tweeting (this time without a picture) "at the ER now at Tampa General Hospital."

Once he was in the operating room though, he was back at work taking photos for the not-faith-hearted. "Dr at work" was followed by "Getting cup on brother," and then a final selection of three post-operation snaps, finishing with "Would you like it rare?" when he was back at home.

Some weren't taken over by Hulk's sense of humour though, and the wrestling great did offer an apology to those who may have taken offence. For those of you who do want to see Hulk Hogan's severed hand then the photos are still available on his Twitter.

Hulk Hogan TNA Vegas
The Hulkster has a morbid sense of humour it seems

Hulk Hogan ITV Studios
The burns probably didn't hurt Hulk