Celebrity wrestler Hulk Hogan has been wearing hair extensions since his split from ex-wife LINDA - after melting off his iconic blond mane in a dyeing mishap.
The star, real name Terry Bollea, relied on his former partner to colour his locks before their divorce last year (Jul09).
After the split, Hogan tried the beauty treatment on his own - but he left the dye on too long and the bleach caused permanent damage.
He explains, "When I was married back in the day Linda would do my hair - I never paid attention. When she filed for divorce and I was on my own and the roots grew out, I went to my local drug store and bought the hair (dye) and put in on. I didn't know you weren't supposed to put it on the scalp. I kind of rubbed it through (my hair) and then the phone rang. It (the dye) was on for an hour... (Then) I'm in the shower and it (my hair) all goes down there (the drain)."