Hulk Hogan has come clean about a fight at an Australian press conference which appeared to leave him bloodied and bruised - the violent brawl was a publicity stunt for his upcoming wrestling tour.
The reality TV star shocked fans when pictures of him drenched in blood appeared on the internet on Wednesday (18Nov09) following a media event with rival wrestler Ric Flair in Sydney, Australia.
Footage from the incident appeared to show Flair pick a fight with Hogan and throw him to the ground, and he was later seen on the floor with blood pouring down his face.
The wrestler subsequently turned up for another press conference at Sydney Football Stadium looking fit and healthy, prompting him to put an end to speculation surrounding the incident.
He tells Australia's Wentworth Courier newspaper, "It took me about half an hour to get freshened up before I ran back out, it got a bit crazy. I didn’t plan on going backwards off the stage, that was a bit of a shock.”