We wonder if Hulk Hogan ever took lessons from his former pal Bubba The Love Sponge in how to cut a wrestling promo? Because the man currently being sued by the grappler over the supposed leaking of a sex tape, sure cut a mean one on his radio show recently. Bubba's ex wife Heather was the mystery woman who Hogan was seen in a clinch with in a sex tape first leaked by the website Gawker, and Hogan has since filed a lawsuit worth $100m at both Bubba and Gawker.

However, according to the New York Daily News, Bubba isn't going to take this lying down, and exploded in his own defence on his radio show recently. "There were three people in that home. All three knew what time it was. They knew what was going on," Bubba raged in his first public comments since the scandal became public. "You know I have surveillance. You knew of everything going on," he continued. "But now that your feelings are hurt ... you're trying to cover your a-- with your (new) wife and your jobs and your social standing."

"Nobody held a gun to your head, Hogan, and told you to come to me and ask me to have sex with my wife," he thundered on, in a segment that would've been ripe for Piper's Pit. He suggested that Hogan probably leaked the tape himself. Well those TNA Wrestling ratings could do with a boost.