Widows' Peak is best known -- if it's known at all -- as Mia Farrow's first movie in 10 years that wasn't directed by then-husband Woody Allen. It's a big departure for Mia -- not only is it a black comedy involving blackmail, revenge, and murder, but Mia's playing an Irish lass, to boot!

The titular peak is a small mountain in Ireland, populated primarily by wealthy widows and their kin, while the proles labor in the town at the bottom of the hill. While grand dames like Mrs. Doyle-Counihan (Joan Plowright) are the norm, Miss O'Hare (Farrow) is a bit more mysterious, obviously far lesser in stature despite hanging with the gossipy upper class. Into this sleepy mix comes English/American import Edwina Broome (Natasha Richardson), who immediately livens up the geriatric community by romancing Mrs. D-C's son (Adrian Dunbar) and getting into a series of scuffles with Miss O'Hare. Before too long, the secrets will be spilling out of both of them as the hijinks spiral out of control.

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