Hugh Laurie star of hit medical show House has said that rumours of the show ending are a little exaggerated.

The British born actor was speaking to and said "Nobody has pounded the table and said, 'dammit, this is the last, and I'll see you all in court! I have a feeling that we'll all know come February or so, whether this is something that we should be going on with or not." The 52-year-old actor has played Dr. Gregory House since the series originally aired in 2004 but has recently announced he will leave the show to focus on a music career. However, the actor is still focused on House and believes the ultimate decision whether or not the show continues lies with the network "The network and the studio are doing their own sums all the time and they may say, 'Do you mind making it in a photo booth now?,' because dramas are expensive and times are hard and belts are tight."

Born in Oxford the actor has also managed to release a blues album this year (2011) entitled, Let Them Talk and is also a published author writing his first novel, The Gun Seller in 1996. Laurie's first steps into showbiz came when he joined the famed Footlights drama club run by students at Cambridge University alongside Stephen Fry and later went on to star in comedy Blackadder. He has also starred in a variety of Hollywood movies including Street Kings which is to story of police corruption in Los Angeles, his latest movie is Mister Pip tells the story a girl in war torn Papua New Guinea and her fascination with the classic DICkens novel, Great Expectations.