House star Hugh Laurie scoured the internet for tips on how to perfect his vocals before launching his music career, because he'd never sung in public before.
The British actor swapped the small screen for the stage after recording a blues album, Let Them Talk, last May (11).
Laurie had always been a keen pianist, but had no clue how to sing - so searched video sharing site for online vocal lessons.
He says, "I'd never sung before and I actually reached a point where I went to YouTube and typed in 'How to sing' - I was that desperate. I swear I did. What came up was absolutely infuriating things about posture. They don't tell you how to sing.
"Have you noticed that any human activity seems to have this requirement that you stand with your feet about a shoulder-width apart? It doesn't matter if you're making an omelette or digging a ditch. I know how to keep my feet about a shoulder width apart. But I need to know how to generate notes."