After eight seasons and 176 episodes, Hugh Laurie is preparing to take his last bow in 'House,' the hospital-based drama that has truly made a Stateside star of the actor formerly best known for his appearances in hit British historical comedy 'Blackadder.' Turning to his more serious side for the US show, Laurie has reaped the dividends from a consistently well watched program that has allowed him to branch out on the back of its popularity and do things he might not have dreamt of doing previously, including release his own blues album 'Let Them Talk' last year to a mixed response.
MTV News reports that, somewhat ominously, the last episode is being called 'Everybody Dies,' a play on House's famous saying "everybody lies." The previous episode saw House's soul mate Dr. James Wilson sick with cancer, whilst House himself was heading back to jail; knowing the gallows humour of the program ,we'd be unsurprised to see a less than happy ending for these two characters, though of course there's always the hope that things will sort themselves out.
Whatever happens, it's Laurie who deserves a great of respect for taking an - on-paper - hard to love character and turning him into a household name in both the United States and the UK. Whatever he does next, it'll be hard pushed to beat this. House comes to its conclusion on Monday evening (May 21, 2012).