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Hugh Laurie Biography James Hugh Calum Laurie (born 11.6.1959) Hugh Laurie is an English actor, writer, musician, comedian and director most notable for his portrayal as House in the self-titled television series Drama, for which he was awarded two Golden Globe awards, two screen actor guild awards and six Emmy nominations. He was also listed as the 2011 Guinness World Records highest paid television actor in a Drama series, earning £250,000 per episode of House - for which he was also stated as the most watched leading man on television.

Childhood: Laurie was born in Oxford to 'Presbyterianism by character, by mood' mother, Patricia, who Hugh later stated as 'a frustration to her... she didn't like me' during an interview on 'Inside the Actors Studio'. Hugh's father William George Ranald Mundell Laurie, was a doctor who won a gold medal in the 1948 London Games in the coxless pairs (rowing). Hugh attended St. Columba's Presbyterian Church of England in Oxford, despite later stating 'I don't believe in God' in an interview with the Daily Telegraph. Hugh did not know what to do with pleasure during his childhood and states he was 'a horrible child'. Hugh went on to study at Eton and Selwyn College as part of a family tradition, in order to follow in his father's footsteps, however It wasn't until he was forced to partially abandon rowing during a case of Glandular Fever that he joined Cambridge Footlights, an amateur theatrical club including multiple notable comedians, actors and writers as members. Whilst attending the theatrical club, Laurie met close friend and romantic relation Emma Thompson, who introduced him to Stephen Fry. The trio later parodied themselves in a 'Footsteps Challenge' during an episode of The Young Ones, Hugh's first publically recognised television role. During his last year at university (80-81) Laurie was appointed as president of the Footlights association, with Thompson appointed as vice-president. They released their annual revue, The Cellar Tapes to the Edinburgh Festival Fridge and won the first Perrier Comedy Award with Laurie and Fry receiving the main writing credits. Laurie later stated he did not graduate from Cambridge.

Acting Career: The successes of The Cellar Tapes lead to a west end transfer and a television adaption, broadcast in 1982, which allowed the trio (Laurie, Fry, Thompson) to write and star in Alfresco, a comedy series also starring Robbie Coltrane, Ben Elton and Siobhan Redmond. The television show ended in 1984 (after two series) however Laurie continued to work with Fry throughout the 80's and 90's appeared in Comedy television show Black Adder, alongside star Rowan Atkinson and co-star Stephen Fry. The television series was a historical comedy where Laurie played multiple character roles, most recognised as Prince George and Lieutenant George throughout the show. Laurie continued to act in Black Adder throughout its multiple television series and television films whilst also being involved in separate television and film roles including: Sense and Sensibility (1995), 101 Dalmatians (1996), an episode of US sitcom Friends (1998) and the Stuart Little trilogy. Throughout this time Laurie continued to team up with fellow friend Stephen Fry in comedy series 'A bit of Fry & Laurie' which ran for four series between 1987 and 1995. The show received public recognition and Laurie was praised for his acting and writing. Laurie reprised his role as Mr. Little (who he played in the live animated films and cartoon film adaptation of Stuart Little) in the Stuart Little television series broadcast in 2003 and 2006. The series was nominated for Outstanding Musical Direction at the 2004 daytime Emmy awards. In some respects Laurie did follow in his father's footsteps when he was cast as Dr. Gregory House in the Golden Globe, award winning television series House. The Pilot aired on 16th November 2004 achieving Laurie instant success and recognition. The show followed anti-social maverick doctor (played by Laurie) as he attempted to solve the most unusual medical conditions. In 2006 House was awarded as official selection for the television show of the year at the AFI awards. Laurie was also continually, personally nominated for Golden Globes for his role as House. The show ran between 2004 and 2012 and co-starred Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer and Robert Sean Leonard. Whilst Laurie's was involved with House, he also played further film roles including Captain James Bigs in Street Kings, alongside Forest Whitaker, Keanu Reeves and Chris Evans and voiced Dr. Cockroach Ph.D in DreamWorks Monsters vs Aliens which won the Saturn award for best animated film. In 2012 Laurie was cast in his first leading film role, in the Independnant Comedy Drama, The Oranges. The film received a mixed reaction however Laurie was praised for his role as David. Laurie has also received musical success releasing two original blues albums with Warner Bros. Records. Laurie often used his musical talent throughout his productions including House, Jeeves and Wooster (1990 - 1993) and when he hosted Saturday Night Live in October 2006

Personal Life: Laurie's mother died of Motor Neurone Disease at the age of 73 in 1989. Laurie described his father as 'the sweetest man' when he looked after her for the two years she suffered. Laurie married Joe Green, theatre administrator in June 1989. Stephen Fry was Laurie's best man at his Camden wedding and is Godfather to Laurie's three children: Charlie, Bill and Rebecca. On 23rd May 2007, Laurie was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his services to Drama by the Queen. Laurie is open and has discussed his clinical depression for which he receives psychological treatment.

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George Clooney Stars In One-Man 'E.R.' Reunion For Jimmy Kimmel

George Clooney Hugh Laurie Jimmy Kimmel

‘E.R.’ was one of the most popular TV shows of the ‘90s, and it enjoyed a thrilling reunion of its cast members on Tuesday night’s episode of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ on ABC. Only problem was, George Clooney was the only person to show up...

This wasn’t going to stop Kimmel though, as he explained to his guest Clooney and the audience that they’d be attempting to put together a brief skit despite the fact that everybody else was busy.

“This was kind of a last-minute thing, and we had some trouble getting the whole cast of ‘E.R.’ to come,” Kimmel said. “[Julianna Margulies] was filming ‘The Good Wife’, so she couldn’t make it. [Noah Wyle] wanted to be here, but guess he had a thing with his family, Taco Tuesday. Eric LaSalle had jury duty.”

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Hugh Laurie Arrives At BBC Radio 2

Hugh Laurie - Hugh Laurie arrives at BBC Radio 2 in London at BBC Radio 2 - London, United Kingdom - Friday 29th January 2016

Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie

Celebrities At BBC Radio 2

Hugh Laurie - Hugh Laurie pictured arriving at the Radio 2 studio at BBC Western House - London, United Kingdom - Friday 29th January 2016

Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie

Stephen Fry Opens Up About '90s Disappearance: 'My Luck Began To Fizzle Out'

Stephen Fry Hugh Laurie

Comedian Stephen Fry has opened up about his disappearance in 1995, saying he would have ended his own life if he didn’t have the option of vanishing for a while. The 58-year-old was speaking as part of BBC documentary ‘Stephen Fry: A Life On Screen’ which airs tonight (December 29th) on BBC Two.

Stephen FryStephen Fry has spoken about his 1995 disappearance.

Fry disappeared in 1995 just three days before he was due to star in Cell Mates on London’s West End. At the time a spokesperson for his agent said, “We are concerned about him” and confirmed they did not know the comedian’s whereabouts.

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Tony Robinson Says He Thinks A New 'Blackadder' Series Is On The Cards

Rowan Atkinson Tony Robinson Hugh Laurie Ben Elton

Sir Tony Robinson has said he thinks a new series of classic BBC comedy ‘Blackadder’ is on the cards, but only if they can meant the price of Hugh Laurie. Laurie was one of the stars of the British sitcom in the 1980's but he has since gone on to find success across the pond in Fox drama ‘House', raising his price tag.

BlackadderHugh Laurie and Rowan Atkinson in ‘Blackadder’ series three.

Speaking to The Sun, 69 year old Robinson said, “I do think a new series of 'Blackadder' is on the cards. I have spoken to virtually all the cast about this now. The only problem is Hugh’s fee. He’s a huge star now – or so he’d like to think.”

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Weekend Box Office: Pitch Perfect Still Hitting That Tune, While Tomorrowland Disappoints

George Clooney Hugh Laurie

Tomorrowland, Brad Bird’s tentpole action adventure, premiered this weekend to disappointing earnings, but still managed to come ahead of the previous week’s winner, Pitch Perfect 2. Tomorrowland checked in at $32,3 million at the end of the three-day weekend, meaning its overall four-day debut, counting the early release, comes out to $40,7 million. It’s a disappointing figure for Disney, whose profits from Tomorrowland were predicted to reach and pass the $44 million mark (according to Box Office Mojo) – it’s a miss, but not by much.

Tomorrowland offers a glimpse of a futuristic world.

Tomorrowland came in behind expectations in North America, and will need strong word of mouth to end up in the black, considering the live-action fantasy adventure cost $180 million to produce. The worst impact was overseas, where the movie opened to $26.7 million from 65 market .

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Tomorrowland Review


Big summer blockbusters are so rarely optimistic that it's tricky to know how to take this movie, its utopian view of the future is a refreshing antidote to both dystopic-nightmare thrillers and those blood-boiling, doom-and-gloom documentaries about how the end of the world is nigh. Even more interesting is the idea that this movie is essentially based on Walt Disney himself, who believed creativity and invention were the key to a happy tomorrow. So it's a bit of a shame that everything feels so childish.

The story centres on the restless Casey (Britt Robertson), an almost frighteningly brainy teenager who's trying to keep Nasa from closing down the launch pad where her dad (Tim McGraw) works. Unknown to her, the eerily ageless young Athena (Raffey Cassidy) is watching, leaving a pin that's a key to a magical glimpse of a parallel space-age future. Investigating this, Casey travels to Houston, where she gets in trouble at a sci-fi collectible shop. Rescued by Athena, they travel to New York to meet Frank (George Clooney), a grumpy old man who was once a wide-eyed inventor like Casey and has known Athena since 1964. Together they work out a way to get back to Tomorrowland to confront its pessimistic leader Nix (Hugh Laurie), who seems to have accepted the fact that the world is falling apart.

The script briefly grazes against big ideas like global poverty and climate change, which gives the film a hint of weight to balance out a plot that is clearly aimed at a 10-year-old. It's all rather simplistic, which means it doesn't quite speak to grown-ups, although the positive approach can't help but catch the interest. Director Brad Bird (Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol) keeps the imagery whizzy, with fabulous gadgets and thrilling effects work that beautifully imagines a city of the future. Plus a pretty cool Eiffel Tower revelation. He also makes sure that the characters' intelligence shines through, which allows Robertson and Clooney to inject a sparky sense of rivalry.

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Tomorrowland Premiere

Hugh Laurie - A host of stars were snapped as they arrived for the European premiere of 'Tomorrowland: A World Beyond' which was held at the Odeon Leicester Square in London, United Kingdom - Sunday 17th May 2015

Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie

George Clooney Travels Through Time In The Mysterious 'Tomorrowland' [Trailer + Pictures]

George Clooney Britt Robertson Hugh Laurie Judy Greer Brad Bird Damon Lindelof Disney

It's now time to get excited for what looks to be one of the most visually stunning movies of the year as the first full trailer for George Clooney's 'Tomorrowland' arrives, bringing with it adventure, danger,  fantasy, and a whole lotta mystery.

George Clooney in 'Tomorrowland'George Clooney is a scientist again in 'Tomorrowland'

There's not a lot of information being revealed out this upcoming magical, sci-fi journey, but from what we gather we can expect a shedload of futuristic gadgets, an object of extreme power, a mystical land beyond reach and angst-ridden teenaged hero. Standard fantasy stuff then - but we wouldn't have it any other way.

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Tomorrowland Trailer

Casey Newton loves inventing and all things scientific, but she's definitely got a problem with authority. After a run in with the cops, she discovers an unusual artifact - a coin sized pin with a large letter 'T' on the front that, when handled, seems to take her to a sun-drenched wheatfield in a strange land. Unfortunately, nobody else believes her newfound phenomenon so she is forced to explore the mystery behind it herself. She eventually stumbles across a old scientist named Frank Walker who informs her that the futuristic land she has seen is Tomorrowland, a place full of the smartest individuals set on changing the world for the better. And now he has his eye on Casey as his latest recruit. But it's a dangerous journey for a young girl and she has to be ready for a fight.

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Tomorrowland - Super Bowl TV Spot

Casey Newton is a gifted budding scientist, though has occasionally found herself in trouble with the authorities. On one such occasion, she finds herself suddenly in possession of a strange pin she has never seen before, after collecting her belongings at a police station. After picking it up, she is suddenly transported to another world, a futuristic looking world quite unlike her homeland. After the initial shock wears off, she meets a talented inventor named Frank Walker, who tells her of a place where it's literally possible to change the world, to create things that you would never before have believed possible. That place is called Tomorrowland, and Walker needs a companion for his exciting new journey there having been feeling disillusioned from the world around him. Together they must unveil the secrets of the land and uncover their limitless potential. This dazzling Disney adventure is named after the fantasy area of Disneyland which has never before seen screen action. At the movie's helm is double Oscar winning director Brad Bird ('Ratatouille', 'The Iron Giant', 'The Incredibles') alongside Emmy winning screenwriter Damon Lindelof ('Lost', 'Prometheus', 'World War Z'). 'Tomorrowland' was originally set to be called '1952' and is set to be released on May 22nd 2015.

Stephen Fry Marries Fiancé Elliott Spencer, Announces Happy News On Twitter

Stephen Fry Hugh Laurie Ryan Gage Mark Gatiss

Stephen Fry and Elliott Spencer are married! The couple announced their happy news on Saturday (17th January). Fry announced the news via Twitter and attached a picture of the couple signing the marriage register. "Gosh. @ElliottGSpencer and I go into a room as two people, sign a book and leave as one. Amazing," Fry wrote. 

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Tomorrowland - Teaser Trailer

When young science enthusiast Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) fell into a spot of trouble with the local cops and went to retrieve her confiscated belongings from the police station, she did not expect where it would take her. After accidentally being handed a coin shaped red pin bearing a strange blue letter 'T', she is shocked to find herself transported to a strange land, amidst a wheat field surrounding a futuristic looking city under a glorious blue sky. She meets an ageing inventor named Frank Walker (George Clooney) who encourages her to explore Tomorrowland with him; a mysterious dimension in time and space whereby their actions can immediately affect the world; and unveil the secrets behind this mystical land.

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George Clooney Hits Comic-Con Touting Impressive 'Tomorrowland'

George Clooney Hugh Laurie

George Clooney injected New York Comic-Con with a little A-list power this week, surprising fans at the panel for Disney's Tomorrowland. Clooney drew thousands at the Javits Center on Manhattan's West Side, where he appeared with director Brad Bird, screenwriter Damon Lindelof and co-star Hugh Laurie, despite not being scheduled to do so.

George ClooneyGeorge Clooney wrapped up warm for his apperance at New York's Comic Con

The group introduced the first footage from the May 22, 2015 release which - much like Interstellar - has thus far been shrouded in mystery.

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DiCaprio, Johansson, Laurie: A Sneak Peak At Celebrity Auditions

Leonardo Dicaprio Scarlett Johansson Hugh Laurie Alyson Hannigan Brad Pitt Robert Downey Jr

TV and film superstars often don’t seem like real people. They live on a screen in our front room, or occasionally on a bigger screen in a bigger room if it’s a special occasion. They perform something funny, moving, sad or uplifting and then we, as the viewing public, go back to our daily lives and they continue to be these things that we can’t really associate with. Do they eat, drink, fight, burp, play and laugh like everyone else? Who can tell when the only time we see them is pouting on a red carpet in beautiful designer clothes that make them look unrealistically sensational?

Leonardo DiCaprio
Hollywood stars like Leonardo Dicaprio have to apply for their job just like all of his fans

While the everyday lifestyle of the average acting superstar may be but mere guesswork for us mortals, what we can conclude is that they have to interview for jobs just as much as the next person - and they have to do it on camera.

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Hugh Laurie

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