X-MEN star Hugh Jackman is so determined to wow audiences in his Broadway, New York, debut as flamboyant performer PETER ALLEN - he's learning to play the piano.

The Aussie actor returns to his musical roots to play the Australian song-and-dance man in THE BOY FROM OZ this autumn (03) - and he's making sure he looks great on stage.

He knows he has to be at the top of his game after seeing Allen perform when he was a child.

Jackman says, "I just figure if DE NIRO and Meryl Streep can learn instruments for a role I can. I did study piano for six years when I was younger."

He has also adopted a rigorous fitness regime to make sure he's in tip-top shape for his nightly turns as Allen.

He adds, "I've been sort of training, doing some yoga, and trying to stretch and get into shape. I've completely gone off sugar and coffee - and I love coffee - because I figured there's so much adrenaline you use in the show."

21/08/2003 21:17