Hugh Jackman has always wanted to ''explore the world''.

The 'Wolverine' actor - who has kids Oscar, 14, and Ava, nine, with wife Deborra-lee Furness - enjoys the ''romance and adventure'' of visiting new places and having different experiences.

He said: ''As a child, one of my heroes was Captain James Cook, who explored the oceans and another historical figure who fascinated me was Lawrence Of Arabia.

''I've always loved the idea of exploring the world and going on great journeys of my own.

''For me, the idea of travel is a great metaphor for enjoying the romance and adventure that comes with visiting exotic places.

''You never know what new kinds of things you're going to discover and I think my wife and children have always enjoyed the idea of taking exotic trips with me.''

However, Hugh can also see the ''adventure'' in everyday life and is excited by all the ''opportunities and possibilities'' open to him.

He added to HELLO! magazine: ''Each trip we take, even living in New York, is its own adventure.

''It helps open your mind up and I think the kids have really appreciated that.

''I like to treat life as a journey but I'm also convinced that you can feel just as free and alive even when you're working hard at your job and coming home every night to your family.

''I think we all have the ability to treat our lives as being filled with all kinds of opportunities and possibilities. That's when you can truly feel free and sense the beauty of things.''