Hugh Jackman is urging fellow parents to use sunscreen on their kids to avoid cancer scares.

The X-Men star has undergone a number of surgeries in recent years to remove cancerous growths from his face, and he is convinced failing to apply sunscreen while growing up in Australia led to his health problems.

Jackman is now a sunscreen devotee, and is determined to make sure his daughter Ava uses protection when she is a teenager.

He tells British radio station Magic Radio's Jo Parkerson, "Sunscreen. I'm a madman for sunscreen. The last year I've had four skin cancers cut off. So my misspent youth in Australia, it doesn't actually matter where you are, as a kid you've just got to wear sunscreen... I've got a young daughter; now I'm going to be all over her like a rash when she gets to be a teenager because I used to be bad."

The full interview airs in the U.K. on Saturday (07Mar15).