Hugh Jackman is taking his personal security a lot more seriously after he was attacked by a crazed fan in a New York gym.

Katherine Thurston, 47, was arrested in April (13) after approaching the Les Miserables star as he worked out and throwing a razor at him.

Jackman revealed Thurston had been following him and his family for some time, but he had her welfare in his thoughts when he first commented about the scary encounter.

He told local Tv news network 1010 Wins, "Here's a woman who obviously needs help, so I just hope she gets the help she needs."

Thurston was charged with fourth-degree stalking and remains incarcerated at Riker's Island prison after lawmakers determined she was mentally unfit to stand trial.

Now, promoting new movie The Wolverine, Jackman tells America's ABC News, "The situation did make me re-assess the way I handle life... I value the idea of bringing up my family here (in America) in the most normal way possible... We can walk the streets, do what you want.

"I always shun the idea of security details; I thought that that sort of attitude actually brought that on... Ultimately, the priority is the protection of your family and I didn't want to be naive about the situation I'm in but things have settled down now and it's just something I watch carefully. I don't feel overwhelmed by it, but it's something I do have to keep an eye on."