When you've played a superhero on the big screen for so long, some of that good will and bravery apparently rubs off in your personal life too. At least, that seems to be the case with Hugh Jackman, who was seen helping swimmers escape a riptide on Bondi beach in Sydney yesterday (March 26th 2016).

Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman lives up to his onscreen persona

The 'Wolverine' star got caught up in the ocean current while out with his 15-year-old son Oscar and 10-year-old daughter Ava for the day and was forced to make a few superhero-like rescues. Of course, there's no call for adamantium claws when it comes to tide troubles, but Jackman used his powers of level-headedness to remain calm enough to ensure the safety of his fellow swimmers and, indeed, his children.

A video shot by Nine News saw him grabbing hold of a man who appears to lose his footing on the sandbar, and who in turn grabs hold of a young girl. Jackman is later seen gesturing to other swimmers and attempting to get to his son who was struggling against the waves.

The news publication caught up with the starstruck man who was aided by Jackman. '[We were] swimming trying to find the bottom and I looked up and I thought 'Oh, there's Hugh Jackman'. Didn't expect to see him in the water', said the man, revealed to be named Peter Adam. 'We got up on to the sandbar and his daughter was struggling to get up to the sandbar and so I just sort of reached out and grabbed her arm and put my arm up to do a chain to pull us up on to the sandbar. That's what you do with anyone [and] I've done [it] before. Then Hugh just went off to get his son Oscar.'

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A witness of the incident told Sydney's Sunday Telegraph of Jackman's heroics. 'When we got in the water 20 minutes earlier it was fine. Then the water just came up suddenly', she said. 'Hugh just pulled them calmly on to the sandbar. He then said, 'All right, we are going to walk towards the flags.''

The North Bondi Surf Lifesaving Club took to Instagram to praise all who took part in the rescues (including Jackman) and revealed that the waters got so bad that the beach couldn't remain open to swimmers. 'The beach had to be closed due to dangerous conditions, multiple rescues happening all at once and limited resources', they said.