An indigenous girl, known only as Marjorie, posted a picture on which showed her holding a sign addressed to Jackman, asking him to step in after the country's Prime Minister Tony Abbott called for cuts which would affect around 150 communities in Western Australia.

Marjorie's sign reads, "Hugh Jackman, you said publicly that you only grew up after spending time in remote Aboriginal community. Now the govt (government) wants to shut them down. This week we will protest and the media will ignore us. We need your support."

The X-Men star responded by posting a similar picture on Instagram, showing him holding up a sign which reads, "While living in a remote community I came to understand that 'connection' to land is a fundamental part of the indigenous identity. Think about the past, have quality conversations. I support you."

Jackman posted the snap along with the hashtag slogans "#sosblakaustralia, #NOconsent, #lifestylechoice, #ingetjetadoras".